The Moon Valley Justice Court is one of twenty-six Justice Courts in Maricopa County. Its jurisdiction spans from Glendale to Union Hills and from 35th Avenue to 7th Street. A Justice of the Peace presides over each Justice Court. The current Justice of the Peace in Moon Valley is Judge Andrew Hettinger. The Moon Valley Justice Court is a limited jurisdiction court, hearing protective orders, civil cases where the amount in controversy is $10,000 or less, small claims, eviction actions, criminal misdemeanors and civil traffic cases.

One of the excellent initiatives available through the Maricopa County Justice Courts is the Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court. This innovative Court helps individuals resolve victimless misdemeanor offenses through completing community restitution (community service) and demonstrating a positive commitment to end their homelessness with the help of various non-profit organizations. In July of 2019, Judge Hettinger was honored to preside over the Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court docket. Find out more about this great program here.  

On average, Moon Valley receives and adjudicates approximately 1,000 cases per month. Judge Hettinger recognizes and credits the amazing Moon Valley court personnel who make the Court successful and ensure justice is served.

The Courthouse is located in the Northeast Regional Center at 18380 N 40th Street in Phoenix, near 40th Street and Union Hills.

Learn more about Maricopa County Justice Courts here.