As Moon Valley Justice of the Peace, Judge Andrew Hettinger has accomplished the following:

1. Improved Case Management and Efficiency

  • In January of 2017, Judge Hettinger took over a Court that had 328 pending civil cases over 400 days old and 146 pending small claims cases over 330 days old. As of January 31, 2020, there were 0 pending civil cases over 400 days old and 0 pending small claims cases over 330 days old.  

2. Criminal Justice Reform

  • Judge Hettinger boldly implemented several of the Arizona Supreme Court's "Justice for All" Task Force recommendations for non-victim misdemeanor offenses, including

    • setting hearings for individuals to explain their situation when they fail to pay fines, rather than issuing a warrant

    • lifting driver's license suspensions for failure to pay fines when individuals establish payment plans

3. Mentorship

  • Judge Hettinger was selected to serve as a Mentor Judge. In this role, he helped train newly elected Justices of the Peace.